Besides the beautifull swimming pool…

Casa do Governador is a 4 story villa with 370m2. In the ground floor you’ll find the dining room, an independent kitchen and a small pateo. The first floor is the more spacious one: here you have the garden, the swimming pool, the living room, two bedrooms with one independent bathroom, and a private parking space for 4 cars. You can enter the Villa either from the ground floor (where the main door is) or from a gate in the first floor. In the second floor you’ll find 2 more bedrooms, another independent bathroom and a terrace over the garden and pool. In the third floor there is a terrace where you can relax, catch some sun, and enjoy the view over the sea and the city.


About Casa do Governador

Casa do Governador is an extraordinary house with a unique location - the historic center of Lagos, near the main attractions of the city but secluded from the crowd. Relax in the oasis of green garden with swimming pool or enjoy the beaches, just 100 meters away. Reservations:
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