Student’s Beach

Praia dos Estudantes is a small secluded beach embraced by cliffs, which offer shelter from any sea breezes. It tends to get crowded very easily due to its small size. Access to the by stairs or trough a passage in the end of Praia da Batata. Praia dos Estudantes has a restaurant/bar on the top of the cliff.

Directions to Praia dos Estudantes: From Casa do Governador go down towards the sea and then turn right, going up the road. Shortly after the stairs going down for Praia da Batata you find the stairs for Praia dos Estudantes.
Distance from Casa do Governador: 6 minutes walk.


About Casa do Governador

Casa do Governador is an extraordinary house with a unique location - the historic center of Lagos, near the main attractions of the city but secluded from the crowd. Relax in the oasis of green garden with swimming pool or enjoy the beaches, just 100 meters away. Reservations:
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